Experience Picasso in Provence in 2018

From 2017 to 2019 in Provence, South of France region, a special cultural event will be celebrating many of the works of Pablo Picasso. This event is known as the Picasso Mediterranean Project. The goal of this occasion is to enrich its participants on the cultural aspects of the paintings created by Pablo and various other famous artists. Today we are going to tell you more about three expositions you can see in Provence: Picasso and the Spanish Masters, Hot Sun, Late Sun, and the Fabre Museum 2018 Temporary Exhibition. These expositions will each be open at a certain time of the year, but for the most part, they will all be going on at the same time this summer.

1. Picasso and the Spanish Masters – Carrières de Lumières, Baux-de-Provence

Picasso and the Spanish Masters feature paintings from Goya, Zuloaga, Rustinol, Sorolla, and, of course, Pablo. There are two parts to this exposition that will take its visitors on a metaphorical journey. The first part viewers will experience are paintings depicting day-to-day life. These were painted by Goya, Zuloaga, Rustinol, and Sorolla. The second part presents paintings all created by Pablo. Some of these paintings include Guernica (1937) and The Joy of Life (1946). The incredible details of his work will jump out to its visitors, especially with the digital assistance of AMIEX technology. People will be able to walk throughout the area as the paintings of these masters are projected onto the white limestone walls of the Carrieres de Lumières, an old quarry in Provence. The combination of music, video and light will make of this exhibition an unforgettable moment.

2. Hot Sun, Late Sun – Foundation Vincent Van Gogh, Arles

Presented by the Foundation of Vincent Van Gogh Arles also in Provence, Hot Sun, Late Sun not only headlines the paintings from Pablo and Van Gogh, but also from Joan Mitchell, Etel Adnan, and Sun Ra, just to name a few. These artists and their paintings together are a representation of the line of inspiration that leads all the way from Adolphe Monticelli to Vincent Van Gogh. Many of the paintings themselves have a deeper meaning and connection in relation to the sun. The phrase “Hot Sun” from the title is about how modernism was at its fiery peak. Some of the paintings that were created around this time are depicted here. “Late Sun” refers to the works done by Pablo in his final years. In addition to modernism is the beginning of postmodernism. Modern Art (1968) by Sigmar Polke will be seen at this exhibition.

3. Temporary Exposition Fabre Museum – Montpellier, France


In 1926 on October 17th to 18th, Pablo passed through Montpellier in Provence. The Fabre Museum located in this very city is happy to announce that they have a special exhibition about Pablo’s key paintings. The creations featured are grouped into different periods. There are also styles, such as cubism and the blue period, depicted. In addition to the paintings are notes, journals, graphics, and other content available to visitors to learn more about each painting. This can help onlookers further understand the style and progression of Pablo’s art. It is with these tools that people can use to get a better reading on who Pablo was, what he was feeling, and his experiences.

5. Travel to Provence like a Local

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With all of these distinct exhibitions, you may be intrigued in visiting them all. Well, there’s a convenient way to visit all of these places and more. The 9 Day South of France Tour in Provence gives people a chance see all that these great exhibitions have to offer. Additionally, you also get to see the very places that inspired some of Picasso’s paintings. This tour will provide you with a refreshing and enriching experience that you can’t easily get anywhere else. These three exhibitions will only last until the Spring of 2019. So, book a flight now and sign up for the 9 Day South of France Tour today and don’t miss a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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