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8 Day Bordeaux & Dordogne Tour
Breathtaking, Magical, Authentic

This tour combines two of the greatest regions to visit in France. Bordeaux is the most famous wine region in the world, where many of the best wines come from, and is also the name of one of the best cities in France. It is a must visit for anyone passionate about wine and French culture. Dordogne is a region you may have heard of but maybe know less about. For foodies, it is known as the duck, truffle, and foie gras capital of France. (Vegetarian, vegans and less adventurous souls do not worry we have meals that suits everyone's needs) For history lovers it has a cave filled with 15,000 year old prehistoric paintings and some of the best medieval towns and castles to explore. Some highlights are a truffle farm visit, an art and light show in an old German U-boat base, castle visits, wine tastings, market shopping, and exploring the prehistoric caves, all with your new friends and local French guides.

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John C. (October 2023 - Google Review)

Bordeaux and Dordogne. This was our second tour with TripUSAFrance and we were not disappointed. The tour included a variety of activities and experiences from castles, wineries and prehistoric cave art, modern art and local culture. The tours were all professionally conducted and the guides were engaging and friendly. I particularly liked the balance between program and free time to explore. The accommodations were wonderful. If you are looking for a small group experience, this is the company for you.

David B. (Sept 2023 - Google Review)

My wife & I recently returned from this truly amazing guided journey from Bordeaux through the historic French wine countryside of Dordogne/Perigord. The guides were fun, knowledgeable & passionate - the food & wines were excellent - the accommodations simply divine. A terrific experience.

Joan B. (Sept 2022 - WeTravel Review)

An unforgettable trip—perfect in every way: fabulous sites, activities and meals. The wine-tasting and education was terrific! Bordeaux is a gem—not to be missed. As a guide, Julia is a meticulous planner and a whirlwind. She is attentive to the needs and preferences of the participants and creates a fun atmosphere, as well.

 8 Days

Bordeaux & Dordogne

16 Travelers Max

Local Guides

 2024/2025 Calendar

Map Dordogne Perigord Bordeaux St Emilion small group tour

2024 Calendar

Tour 2: Saturday September 7th to Sunday 15th, 2024 > (1 SPOT LEFT)
Tour 3: Saturday September 28th to Sunday October 6th, 2024 >
Tour 4: Saturday October 5th to Sunday October 13th, 2024 > (SOLD OUT)

2025 Calendar

2025 changes: 4 nights in the heart of Sarlat-la-Canéda and 3 in Bordeaux, wine blending activity removed from the itinerary as well as one lunch to give you more free time at Sarlat's market

Tour 1: Thursday May 8th to Friday May 16th, 2025 >
Tour 2: Thursday May 29th to Friday June 6th, 2025 >
Tour 3: Thursday June 12th to Friday June 20th, 2025 >
Tour 4: Thursday September 11th to Friday September 19th, 2025 >
Tour 5: Thursday September 25th to Friday October 3rd, 2025 >
Tour 6: Thursday October 9th to Friday October 17th, 2025 >

What's On The Tour?
Not only the most famous sites but also many hidden gems that others are missing out on!

Bordeaux Small Group Tour France


Bordeaux, known as the world capital city of wine, is a must-see destination offering world-class cuisine, fascinating history, and French culture at its finest. Outdoor cafés line the grand squares of the city center, perfect for sampling local dishes and wine while soaking up the charming ambience. The renovated riverfront 

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district known as the Port of the Moon features lively restaurants and bars with views of the river. Visitors can explore the city's rich history through Roman ruins, medieval cobblestone streets, and 18th century buildings and facades. As a port city spanning over 2,000 years, Bordeaux has many captivating attractions for travelers looking to immerse themselves in French culture, cuisine and scenic beauty.

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bordeaux dordogne small group tour

Saint-Emilion Village
& Underground Monuments

Wine has been produced here since Roman times, and today these vineyards create some of Bordeaux's most renowned vintages. Yet beneath the picturesque cobblestone streets lies something sure to fascinate you even more— a collection of underground catacombs and

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monuments carved out of ancient quarries over the centuries. The most impressive of these subterranean marvels is the awe-inspiring Monolithic Church, sculpted entirely from limestone in the 12th century. This quaint village of Saint-Émilion, perched atop a hillside in the heart of Bordeaux wine country, will enchant you with its rich history, medieval architecture, and legendary tales.

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Les Bassins de Lumières
WW2 Submarine Base

2024 Program: From Vermeer to Van Gogh - The Dutch Masters (Read More) Culturespaces is a company known for converting abandoned buildings into immersive light show art galleries. This is the most interesting and largest one yet, as they converted an old German U-Boat base into an art center!

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The unique light shows showcase art from the most famous artists in history and integrate music into the show for an unforgettable experience. Being able to appreciate art, a symbol of light, in a former relic of war that symbolized darkness, makes this a very special, must visit site in Bordeaux.

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Sarlat la Cadena Dordogne


Sarlat-la-Canéda, nestled in the heart of the Dordogne, is a medieval treasure that will enchant you with its timeless charm. Often hailed as the jewel of the region, this picturesque town boast perfectly preserved medieval architecture, narrow cobblestone

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streets, and a captivating ambiance that will transport you to a bygone era. The distinctive stone roofs, known as "lauze," adds to Sarlat's character, creating a harmonious blend of earthy hues.

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Small group tour Dordogne

La Roque-Gageac

La Roque Gageac, labeled as "one of the most beautiful villages of France" is a small village located on the Dordogne river. The village is known for its picturesque ancient houses carved directly into the cliffs overlooking the river. Many of the houses date back

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to the 14th-15th centuries and feature medieval and Renaissance architectural styles. The cliffs give the village a unique vertical landscape, with homes stacked one on top of the other along the rock face. A must see!

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Rocamadour Cliff village


Perched dramatically on a cliffside in the Dordogne Valley, Rocamadour is a captivating medieval pilgrimage site that's not to be missed. Pilgrims, including kings, have journeyed to Rocamadour for centuries drawn by the relic of the Black Madonna statue

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(the virgin Mary) which is believed to have healing powers. The historical resonance, breathtaking views, and the belief in the miraculous make Rocamadour a destination that transcends time, inviting both pilgrims and curious travelers to experience its unique blend of spirituality and medieval charm. While you are there you should also try the cheese named after the town!

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Bread making demonstration 8 day Bordeaux & Dordogne Tour

Bread Making Demonstration

Dive into the UNESCO-recognized savoir-faire of the French Baguette making. Begin your experience with a fascinating bread-making demonstration followed by a guided tour of the historic water mill, where the rhythmic symphony of ancient machinery reveals the intricate process of transforming grains into flour.  

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Discover the captivating tales of the mill's historical significance within the local community and unveil traditional techniques passed down through generations. A highlight of the tour!

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Beynac Castle Dordogne Valley Small Group Tours

Beynac's Castle

Perched atop a limestone cliff overlooking the Dordogne river, the 12th century Château de Beynac is one of the most impressive medieval castles in France. Having served as a filming location for Ridley Scott's movie The Last Duel, Beynac's imposing castle still dominates the town below, as it did when occupied by Richard the Lionheart in the 12th

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century. Visitors are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Dordogne valley from this strategic stronghold that controlled river trade in its heyday. On our historical guided tour, one can walk the ancient battlements and towers, vividly imagining knights and soldiers gazing over the land below throughout a millennium of dramatic events. Beynac Castle provides an opportunity to step back in time and immerse oneself in nearly 1,000 years of rich history. 

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Milands Castle Dordogne Small Group Tours

Milandes' Castle
& Josephine Baker

Built around 1489 by a Caumont Lord in the Renaissance style to impress his wife, this fairytale castle enjoys a panoramic view of the Dordogne valley. It housed the Caumont family until the French Revolution after which it eventually became the home of American-born entertainer and

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activist Josephine Baker. She was an interesting figure in French history who shattered many norms and used the castle as a home for children in need. The castle is certainly worth a visit for its rich history and fabulous architecture and beautiful gardens.  Listen to her French music before joining the tour!

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French Market Sarlat South France Dordogne

Sarlat French Market

Visit one of the most famous market of France! We will return to Sarlat to have some free time at the local market to see the offerings of the farmers and artisans of Dordogne and have the chance to discover the local products and meet and talk with the locals.

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This is a great way to make a connection with the French culture and support local small business, if you wish!

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small group tour dordogne bordeaux

Lascaux IV Cave

In 1940 four teenagers made the remarkable discovery of a cave filled with prehistoric paintings estimated to be around 15,000 years old. We will visit a cave filled with reproductions of the original paintings to see this ancient art in its natural element.

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The discovery of this cave brought a new understanding of human origins and prehistoric art. It is a very unique and stimulating experience to see the paintings in the cave. 

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Rouffignac Prehistoric Cave Tour Dordogne

Rouffignac Prehistoric Cave

The Vézère Valley in the Dordogne is rich with prehistoric sites, including the authentic Rouffignac Cave. Unlike the replica cave of Lascaux IV, Rouffignac offers the chance to see real Paleolithic artwork in its original location. A small electric train lets you tour the extensive 

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underground cave network to view ancient drawings of mammoths, rhinos, and bison up close. These original cave paintings dated back 14,000 years provide a stunning glimpse into early human life. Riding the train allows you to access more of the cave than walking would and fully immerse yourself in the Paleolithic setting.

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Small group tour Bordeaux Wine Tasting

Boutique Winery
& Homemade Lunch

A highlight of the tour! You will get to hear the incredible life story of Sally, passionate winemaker and discover her beautiful estate in the middle of the vines before tasting her delicious wine. Not a wine drinker? You will enjoy the scenery and the delicious lunch that

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Sally has prepared for us. More than just a wine tasting, it is a one-of-a-kind experience learning the story behind the estate and gaining insight into the passion behind the bottle.

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Underground Tunnel Winery St Emilion

St Emilion Winery
& Underground Galleries

During your visit of this wonderful family winery located in the heart of St Emilion, you will get a glimpse into the fascinating underground tunnel network that has been used for centuries in this region. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the tunnels were initially quarries where limestone was 

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extracted to build the village above. As wine production flourished in St Emilion in later centuries, vintners realized the tunnels provided ideal natural cellars for aging wines at cool, stable temperatures. During the tour, you will walk through the tunnels, learning how they store and age their wines to perfection. You'll finish with a tasting of the estate's acclaimed Merlot-based blends to appreciate the results of this traditional winemaking process.  

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Wine tasting Bordeaux Small Group Tour

Museum of Wine and Trade
& Medoc Wine Masterclass

Unlike the more modern Cité du Vin, the Wine and Trade museum is housed in an old wine merchant's house from the 18th century in the city center of Bordeaux. The museum displays a fantastic collection of artifacts, tools, and documents illustrating the evolution of the wine commerce,

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including cooperage equipment, bottling devices, barrels, bottles, corkscrews, and more. The museum provides an interesting insight into Bordeaux's past as a major international wine trading hub. After a guided tour of the museum, we will enjoy a Médoc wine masterclass to deepen our appreciation of Bordeaux's famous wines and better understand the region's classifications and wine making rules.

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wine blending workshop

Wine Blending Workshop

(Removed from 2025 itinerary) Get ready for a fun and convivial moment on a wine blending workshop. During this exclusive moment at a local winery in St Emilion you will learn how to creating your own personal blend to take home (1/2 bottle wine) while making cherished memories in the company of like-minded new friends

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on the tour! This special experience is only possible thanks to the small size of our group. 

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Truffle farm tour Dordogne

Truffle & Walnut Farm

Enjoy the beautiful Périgord countryside in a unique way as we visit a truffle and walnut farm. You will learn about the various species of trees and varieties of truffles harvested in France and witness a truffle hunting demonstration with beloved dog Noxo who is the true master of the property. Finish this special encounter

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 with a tasting of their truffle butter. You will have the opportunity to browse and purchase their truffle and walnut products produced on-site to take some home if you would like.

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Bordeaux Dordogne small group tour

Fabulous Restaurants!

An essential aspect when visiting France is savoring all the culinary delights the country has to offer! That's why we handpick restaurants showcasing a diverse array of our favorite French dishes, ensuring you enjoy an amazing gastronomic experience. Vegetarian options always available.

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available. Our previous clients often express that they feel like they are on a food tour! We take pride in guiding you through the menu and thanks to our small size group we can visit intimate, authentic restaurants, allowing you to savor a genuine culinary adventure.

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What's Included?
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What's included

Transportation to All Sites / Activities

 Pick up & Drop off (BOD airport/train station) 

Expert Local Tour Leader Fluent in English

 8 Hotel Nights + 8 Breakfasts

 7 Lunches (2025: 6 lunches) + 4 Dinners

2 Drinks (wine, beer or soft) with Each Dinner & 1 Drink with Each Lunch

All Entry Fees & Guided Tours

1 Bread Making Demonstration + Flour Mill Tour

1 Medoc Wine Masterclass + Wine & Trade Museum Tour  

1 Wine Blending Workshop (2025 not included)

2 Winery Tours w/ Tastings

1 Ticket to Bassins de Lumieres in Former Submarine Base

What's not included

Airfare/Train to and from Bordeaux, France

Pick up if you Arrive Before the Tour

Travelers Insurance (you will receive a quote 24 hours after booking)

Extra Food/Drinks Not Included


2025 accommodation: 3 nights in Bordeaux (Hotel Vatel) - 4 nights in Sarlat (Hotel Naad) - 1 night Bordeaux Airport (Sheraton Hotel)
2024 accommodation below

Hotel Vatel Bordeaux
Bordeaux Dordogne 8 day tour accomodation
Bordeaux Dordogne tour accomodation

- Hôtel Vatel Bordeaux (4 Nights)
Classique or Superior Room

4* hotel, great location in Bordeaux's Chartrons District by the Garonne river.

- Hotel Monrecour (3 Nights)
Tradition Rooms in 
4* hotel, countryside of Dordogne, beautiful grounds, heated pool, restaurant.

- Sheraton Bordeaux Airport (1 Night)
Classique Room
Opened in 2023, modern and conveniently located by the Bordeaux airport.


Air-Conditioned Room

Private Bathroom

Minimum 194 sq ft (which is spacious for France!)

8 Day Bordeaux / Dordogne Tour Price
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