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We started this company to help people who are interested in France to have a cultural trip where they can experience the country as temporary locals, not the average tourists bouncing around in a crowd or waiting in long lines and getting stuck in tourist traps. We will help you make a deeper connection with the country and understand what it is like to live there, while fulfilling the desire to see amazing sites and make lasting memories.

TripUSAFrance is a family company based in Arlington, VA, USA. Julia is the director and manager. Born in Southern France, she lived there from her birth to the end of her studies in Montpellier. After completing school she moved to Washington D.C. to become a French teacher and perfect her English. After meeting and working with her students, she discovered her passion for not only teaching French, but also sharing French culture and traveling. This passion and growing up in beautiful Southern France along with being fluent in English makes her the perfect tour guide to take you around the best spots in the region. Her love for France remains strong and she returns home several times a year. She will be your main local tour guide during your stay.

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Tour guide and Julia's father, he was born in Normandy. He moved to the South in his 20's and never left the region. He is an avid reader and writer and very knowledgeable about French history and culture. A happy epicuriean, in love with the area, he takes pleasure sharing  the treasures of France.


Peter is our Tour Director and one of our guides. He met Julia while she was working for a year in the DC area and they fell in love and got married. Julia told him about her dream to start TripUSAFrance and they got to work researching and building the itineraries and getting the business up and running. Now he mostly works behind the scenes on the business side of things but you will probably see him on tour. He is native to the DC area but travels often and has lots of family in the Peloponnese region of Greece. Look for a Greece tour coming soon!

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