We decided to remove Aix from our tour in 2019 because it was too similar to Montpellier and that we like to keep our itineraries as diverse as possible. Also Aix-en-Provence could easily take two whole days to visit, we felt like the visit was rushed. Instead we advice you to visit Aix after our tour! It’s a perfect city to visit on your own, stay in a hotel for 2 to 3 nights in the city center and enjoy the city on foot. (Everything is walkable). We actually put together a Aix-en-Provence extension package that you can add to your tour. For $200 per person a private chauffeur will drive you from the hotel in Palavas (our tour) to your hotel in Aix-en-Provence (2h drive). We also include a guide that we made ourselves with recommendations for hotels, restaurants and things to do/see. I also includes a 2 day sample itinerary that you can follow as well as a map making your time in Aix hassle-free! > Read more about the Aix-en-Provence 2 day self-guided tour here.

Yes, we worked from July to October 2021. We will resume touring in May 2022 as we are off for the season.

As of 12/14/2021 it is safe to travel to France. 90% of the adult population is vaccinated and a Health Pass has been put in place by the government allowing only either vaccinated or people with a negative Covid-19 test to access public spaces. Your CDC vaccination card works as proof of vaccination in France. And in order to enter the country you have to show a negative Covid-19 test before boarding your flight.

Moreover traveling on a small group tour (up to 14 travelers) reduces your chances to be exposed to Covid-19. Most of the visits and guided tours take place outside, most of our partner restaurants reserve a private area for our group, all guided visits are private and we do not mingle with other groups. The hotels in Palavas-les-Flots, Roussillon and Bayeux are very small and you won’t be mixing with many other hotel patrons.

Sadly, it seems that Covid-19 is now part of our every day life and is not going away any time soon. Thanks to the vaccine the chances of dying from the virus are extremely low making it possible for us to go back to our regular lives.

You can reschedule for FREE for any of our tours for the current year or the following year. If you decide that you do not want to reschedule at all and want to cancel your trip we would refund you minus a $400 fee.

Please note that France has officially announced that they are not considering any more lockdowns.

Yes, after you book your tour, you will receive by e-mail a travel insurance quote within 24 hours.

Yes, as of 12/14/2021 our partner Allianz Travel Insurance has included a special coverage for Covid-19. If you contract Covid-19 before your trip and cannot travel, the trip that you covered will be reimbursed. If you get Covid-19 while traveling and cannot return to your home the insurance will pay for your extended accommodation and a new return flight as well as any medical treatment if necessary.

Yes, there will always be at least one vegetarian option on the menu. And if not, we will always be able to work something out with the chef! We have very good relationships with our partner restaurants and they are always happy to accommodate our guests with special diets.

A 15% deposit is due at booking. This deposit becomes non-refundable 30 days after you book your tour.

If you are booking a tour that is starting within 180 days, the full payment will be due at booking. You can still get a full refund if cancelling within 48hrs.

Tours booked more than 180 days before the tour starting date: Full refunds will occur if cancellation notice is received within 30 days of booking, after that your payment is immediately subject to the cancellation fees that are outlined in our terms and conditions.

Tours booked within 180 days: Can be cancelled at no charge within 48 hours of booking, after that your payment is immediately subject to the cancellation fees that are outlined in our terms and conditions.

Read our terms and conditions here.

If you are traveling from overseas, arriving a day before the tour is a great idea. You will be able to recover from the overnight flight and in the event of your flight being late or canceled this should allow you to arrive on time for the beginning of the tour.

For our Southern France tour, you can add an extra night before the tour directly at booking. For our Normandy tour, please send us an email.

If you are on our Normandy tour, you should fly to Paris as we start and end the tour at a designated hotel at Charles-de-Gaulle airport (CDG). (See itinerary to find out which hotel the tour starts in CDG)

If you are on our South of France tour, you should fly to Montpellier’s airport (MPL) as this is where we would pick you up. You can also take the train down to Montpellier as we also pick up people from the train station. You could also fly into Barcelona and come to Montpellier by train (3.5 hour ride) this way you can explore Barcelona before or after our tour!

We recommend using https://kayak.com to search for flights.

If you are flying to Paris or Barcelona, there should be many options available.

If you are flying to MPL, only Air France, Delta and KLM will operate.

If you are having trouble finding a flight, you can contact us at contact@tripusafrance.com and we will help you find a good flight.

Train tickets go on sale 3 months in advance (4 months early for trains coming from the rest of Europe, 6 months early for Eurostar coming from England) but you can already check the train schedule here: https://en.oui.sncf/en/ Enter your criteria, click search, and scroll down past the “it’s too early to book” message. You can even sign up to receive an alert when the train tickets will go on sale.

To BOOK your train ticket you should do so at https://www.raileurope.com/ because the “Oui SNCF” website won’t accept foreign credit cards.

If you booked one of our tours, send us an email at contact@tripusafrance.com and we will email you our travel guides which includes very helpful information to help you plan your trip. If you booked our Aix-en-Provence drop-off you will receive extensive information including a sample itinerary and a map of the city center as included in your drop-off package.

If you only paid the 15% deposit at booking, you should pay the full amount of the tour 180 days before your tour departure date.

You can do this in your account here: https://www.wetravel.com/users/sign_in

During the checkout process an account has automatically been created.

This is the link to access your account: https://www.wetravel.com/users/sign_in

In your account you will be able to check-in, pay the remaining amount due, download your receipt.

If you have more questions, please contact us directly.

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