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8 Day Tour Southern France - From $2795

Our signature small group tour of Southern France is a unique experience that brings you into the French culture. Your home base will be in a modern hotel on the beach and our local tour guides will show you around amazing off-the-beaten path places and prestigious sites. The tour also includes many fun activities including a cooking class, a homemade French picnic, free French lessons, and more!  Read All About Our Tour Here

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8 Day Tour Southern France - From $2814
+ 2 Days in Avignon Self-guided

After participating to our South of France small group tour, explore Avignon for 2 more days "on your own". We will drop you off at Montpellier train station where you will take your train for the gorgeous Provence town. In 1 hour of comfortable scenic train ride you will reach downtown. From there follow our itinerary carefully crafted from hotels to restaurants for you to enjoy Provence for 2 more days! Read more about our 2 day Avignon extension here.


8 Day Tour Southern France - From $2844
+ 4 Days in Paris Self-Guided

If you don't want to visit France without spending a few days in Paris, this is the tour for you! Visit the city of lights, love, and life, AND tour the South! With this option you get our signature 8 days South of France tour and our self-guided "4 days in Paris" tour package, hand-crafted by our native Parisian specialist Chloe who gives away local secrets of Paris in the itinerary, so even repeat visitors can experience something new. Read more about our 4 day Paris extension here.

8 Day Tour Southern France - From $2854
+ 4 Days in Paris Self-Guided
+ 2 Days in Avignon Self-Guided

Want to stay in Southern France a little longer AND visit Paris? Combine our signature 8 days South of France guided tour with our self-guided itineraries of Paris and Avignon, loaded with tips and secrets of the locals for the ultimate French vacation.  These 2 carefully crafted itineraries will allow you to enjoy these places on your own without any hassle! Hotels, restaurants, must-see attractions, things to do, tips from our local guides are all included in our "on your own" extensions. Read more about our Paris & Avignon extensions here.



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