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What makes us different from others

Small Groups

Our mission is to help you experience the wonderful French culture and share good times. We organize trips for singles, couples, and families. We only put together groups of 6 to 12 people for our trips for a more personal experience than what you would get travelling with a larger group. We will blend in with the locals and get a better feel of what it is like to live in France and not feel like we are on a school field trip. You also get with your tour guides to help you along your journey and answer all your questions.  By touring with an air-conditioned, comfortable minibus or SUV, we are very flexible and mobile and can spend less time on the road.



We make sure that our journeys are full of amazing sites and unforgettable visits while also allowing breaks and free time to relax and be by yourselves, an essential part of a complete vacation. Departure time from the hotel won’t ever be before 9:30 am and every day at the end of the afternoon you will have one hour of free time to rest or get ready for dinner. We will not waste time on long road trips.  On your arrival we will lend you a cell phone in order to be able to reach us at any moment of the trip that you are on your own. Our vocation is to be able to answer your needs so that you won’t return home tired or frustrated, but enthusiastic and willing to come back and discover even more of Southern France.

Learn French

Our trips are designed to allow you to discover Southern France with a maximum of ease and autonomy. One of the benefits of our trips that sets us apart from others is that we are willing to introduce you to the language or help you improve your French. For the ones that are interested during transportation and different times of the day we will gradually help you get more familiar with the French language and work with you on pronunciation and common phrases so that at the end of the trip you will be able to order a meal at a restaurant, drinks at the bar and have a basic conversation.

Quality Restaurants

We selected restaurants of impeccable quality that we have personally tried and approved of, and can't wait to bring you to. While some tours often guide the travelers to the hotel restaurant, we chose to make you discover for lunch and dinner a different, authentic French restaurant every time. [popuppress id="2698"] Traveling is also a way to discover new meals and new cuisine. The menus that we offer are included in the price as well as a snack and refreshments. A French breakfast will be delivered to your hotel each evening for the next day. Only food outside of what is included and all beverages will be at your expense.


We do not allow children under the age of 7 years old on our tour. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or legal guardian. Trips are exciting, relatively active vacations and we strive to provide a safe, enjoyable and memorable travel experience for all guests.  While there will be plenty of time to relax, there will also be much to see and do. Your included excursions may require an extensive amount of walking, we require that you bring any issues regarding your health or mobility to our attention when making your booking as this could greatly impact your vacation experience. We cannot welcome guests with special needs or disabilities at this time due to the lack of accessibility on some stops on the tour.


Private Groups

If you are travelling with a group of people, you can reserve our services for your whole group of 7 to 12 people, depend on the week you selected. We can create a tailored trip especially to your taste or we can stick to our signature tour. At your convenience we will customize your trip if there are specific activities you would like to do on your trip or sites you would like to visit. Some ideas would be “The road of wine” tour for wine enthusiasts, other historical and religious sites that you have on your bucket list, activities such as hiking and watersports, or going to festivals or parties.  If you are a group interested in travelling with us, contact us by email at and we will work together on your project.


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