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7 Day Normandy Tour
Daily Itinerary

Day 1- Welcome to France!

We will be picking you up from the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris in the morning and then drive to Rouen, capital of Normandy for our 1st day of tour! You will then check in your fabulous 4 star hotel located right in Rouen's downtown and then use the afternoon time as it pleases you. Full of energy? Follow us for a city tour of Rouen (Abbatiale St Ouen, Aitre St Maclou). Jet lagged? No problem, sit back, relax and even take a nap before we all meet again for our welcome dinner. 

Pick up from CDG, Check-in your hotel in Rouen, City Tour or Relax, Mercure Hotel Rouen


Day 2- Rouen, Capital of Normandy

We will start our day in Rouen by visiting the fabulous Musée des Beaux Art, home of one of the most outstanding public art collections in France. It features paintings, sculptures, drawings and objects of art from many periods ranging from the 15th century to the present day. We will then walk through the city toward the Place du Marché (marketplace in the city square) and have lunch at La Couronne, the oldest inn of France (1345) where in 1948 Julia Child ate her first French meal which she later declared to be the “most exciting meal of her life." Afterwards we resume our city tour with a visit of the magnificent Rouen Cathedral which inspired Monet to paint his Rouen Cathedral series. After some free time to rest at the hotel, we will head to the Chateau Martainville where you will be able to learn about the medieval Normandy lifestyle and finish the day with an authentic French dinner from a local restaurant.

Rouen, Beaux-Art museum, Joanne of Arc, Oldest Inn of France, Chateau Martainville, Mercure Hotel Rouen


Day 3- Normandy Coast & Horse Race

Today you will discover the coast of Normandy with first a city tour of Honfleur, where for more than a thousand years sailors have enjoyed the ideal location of Seine River meeting the English Channel. Also called "The city of the artists", Honfleur had a long relationship with impressionism painters, including Monet. During the walking tour you will see the gorgeous port area and understand why artists came here from all over to paint. Another stop is the oldest wooden church still standing today: St Catherine's Church. Then we will head to the near by town of Deauville where you will see the famous beach. We will also stop by the incredible Casino of Deauville. Finally after checking in our hotel in Caen and having a little break we will enjoy an evening at the Hippodrome of Cabourg where you will experience a horse race right from your seat in the gourmet restaurant! 

Honfleur, Deauville, Cabourg's Horse Race, Hotel Balladin Caen


Day 4- Mont St Michel

Most of our day will be spent at one of the world's most stunning attractions, Mont St Michel. This city on a rock dramatically soars into the sky just off the coast of Normandy in a shallow bay. We will start by making our way to the top of the hill to tour the Abbey. At the top we are rewarded for our climb with spectacular views and Gothic architecture dating back to the 11th-century, definitely the highlight of the trip.  On our way down we will have lunch and  explore the streets and shops of the medieval town. 

Mont St Michel, Hotel Balladin Caen



Day 5- D-Day History & Bayeux Tapestry

We start our day visiting Longues -sur-Mer, one of the locations of the deadly battle of D-Day in WWII and see the German Artillery battery which is one of the most well-preserved wartime sites in France. Next we will have lunch and visit Omaha beach to see the Museum and American Cemetery which stands as a memorial to the thousands of American troops who gave their lives that day, a truly moving experience. Onward we go to the Bayeux's Museum where will see a 70 meter long, 1000 year old tapestry woven with pictures telling the story of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, a fascinating experience with audio translation of the art. Before going home we will stop by a Calvados Distillery to learn about the famous drink of the North and how it is made. We will settle in at night at the Ferme Chateau-de-Cordey hotel, a charming old chateau on a peaceful farm which has been renovated inside for guests! 

D-Day Beach, American Cemetery, Bayeux's Tapestry, Calvados Distillery Ferme Chateau Hotel Cordey


Day 6- Normandy Countryside

After breakfast we will check out of our hotel and head straight to a Camembert factory to learn about one of the most famous cheeses of France. Afer the tour and trying the cheese, the next stop is a creperie where you will be able to enjoy a delicious crepe and sip on some regional cider, another favorite of the North. We continue with our day by stepping into a fairytale for a while with a visit of the Chateau St Germain de Livet, a magical site complete with multi-colored Castle, Moat, and wandering wildlife in the gardens! Before dinner we may have some time for a little game of Pétanque, the favorite picnic game of the French!

Cheese Factory, Crepes & Cider, St Germain de Livet, Lisieux, Pétanque, Hotel Acadine



Day 7- Giverny & Chantilly Castle

Early morning we will arrive at the House and Gardens of Claude Monet, the legendary founder of French impressionist painting. You will be able to see the property as it was when he was alive and see reproductions of his works in his studio and home. We will also walk through the gardens to see lillies, dahlias, irises and hundreds of other flowers blooming. Next we will stop by the hotel to drop off our bags near CDG airport and have lunch. From there we take a short drive to Chantilly to see this historic Chateau full of royal splendor and a fascinating art collection. We will then drive back to the hotel and have our farewell dinner. The time for us to remember all the marvelous places and fun time that we had together.  

Giverny, Chantilly Castle,  Hotel Ibis CDG Airport



Normandy Tour

Day 8- Departure 

Unfortunately it is time to leave the Normandie region. You will leave on your own to CDG with the free shuttle service offered by our hotel Ibis located at CDG airport. We will help make sure that everything is well coordinated for you to travel stress free. We hope we will have succeeded our mission: sharing our culture and region for a week full of memories and smiles.

Giverny, Chantilly Castle,  Hotel Ibis CDG Airport




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