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normandy tour mont st michel
Normandy small group tour

Experience Normandy & Paris
The Trip of a Lifetime

Explore Normandy, Stephane's home region and discover the beautiful secrets of the North. You will see famous sites like the Mont St Michel, discover hidden gems like the port in Honfleur, and enjoy fun activities such as visiting a Camembert factory to learn how the cheese is made and watching a horse race from the comfort of a gourmet restaurant! This itinerary also includes 2 fabulous days in Paris. The North is waiting to fill your vacation with unforgettable experiences!

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What's On The Tour?

2 Days in Paris


Eiffel Tower

It is hard to believe that this amazing monument was originally intended to be a temporary structure for the Paris Exposition in 1889 and became the most

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famous landmark of the city. Workers used more than 18,000 iron pieces to construct the Eiffel Tower. At its completion, it was twice the height of any other man made structure in the world. After French automobile company Citroën attached letters to the tower's sides in 1925 to advertise their company, Charles Lindbergh used it as a beacon during the first solo transatlantic flight. A chic picnic at restaurant 58 Eiffel Tower on the first floor of the tower allows you to make the most of your visit.

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One of the largest churches in the world, the building is even more famous because of Victor Hugo's book, The Hunchback of Notre

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Dame, which he wrote to increase interest in the building.Finding the church on this site shoddy, Bishop of Paris Maurice de Sully ordered the construction of this structure in 1160. The building with its impressive flying buttresses is one of the prime examples of Neo-Gothic architecture in the world. The cathedral has five bells with the largest one located in the South Tower weighing over 13 tons.

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La Sainte Chapelle

In 1239, King Louis IX, more commonly known as Saint Louis, purchased Christ's crown of thorns, fragments of the Holy Cross and

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instruments of torture from Venetian merchants. He ordered the La Sainte Chapelle built to hold those important relics. The church that is built on two levels was consecrated on April 26th, 1248, with the lower half serving as a local house of worship while the impressive upper half housed the relics. The 15 impressive stain-glass windows each measure 15 meters across, and they contain 1,113 Biblical scenes.

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Le Louvre Museum

The Louvre is one of Paris' biggest attractions and the largest art museum in the world!  We will take you to the best exhibits it has to

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offer, so you can cover the highlights on our trip, but to see everything you will need multiple trips, a great reason to come back! The museum has exceptional notoriety for guarding many of the greatest pieces of art ever created, including sculptures from the Renaissance period and Leonardo's Mona Lisa.

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Quai d'Orsay

This beautiful train station was restored as a museum showcasing artwork from 1848 to 1914 with a special emphasis on paintings by

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Paul Cézanne, Gustave Courbet, Paul Gauguin, Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh. Since this museum contains more than 3,450 paintings, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Therefore, we have created a special itinerary allowing you to maximize your time here.

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The Arc de Triomphe

Napoleon ordered the construction of the Arc de Triomphe as a way to commemorate his ascent to become emperor of the world.

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Workers laid the first stone on his birthday May 11, 1806. Yet, arguments between architects stopped its completion until Napoleon and Archduchess Marie Louise von Habsburg of Austria commissioned a wooden replica of it built for their wedding. The first unknown soldier killed during World War I was buried under the Arc De Triomphe on November 11, 1920.

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Montmartre & Place du Tertre

Located on top of Paris's' tallest hill, Picasso, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec and others were drawn to the Place du Tertre which quickly

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became the main square of Montmartre after its opening in 1635. Louis Renault drove his first automobile up the hill on December 24, 1898, igniting France's love for automobiles. Others claim that Russian troops invented the word bristo here to encourage the waitresses to hurry with one last drink before they had to rejoin the war effort. Today, the square is filled with 300 artists who have to wait up to 10 years for a slot to open.

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Sacred Heart

Designed by Paul Abadie who was followed by six other architects, construction of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart began in 1875 with

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the laying of the foundation stone and the digging of 33-feet-deep pits to support the massive structure.Work on the travertine stone basilica began in 1881. One of the largest mosaics in the world is the 475 square meter Mosaic of Christ in Glory. Brave visitors can climb the 300 steps to the dome which was the second tallest point in Paris at the time that the basilica was finished in 1909.

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Café Des 2 Moulins

Cafe des 2 moulins was featured in the 2001 film Amélie, and is a delicious spot to stop for dinner. Try the French onion soup or the

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baked camembert cheese along with some Charcuterie (cold-cuts)! Alternatively, consider having the infamous Amélie Poulain's crème brûlé. Visitors can have their pictures taken with an Amelie poster in the rear of this cozy restaurant. If you are a true fan of the movie you will enjoy passing by the nearby corner where the convenience store featured in the film stands.

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Days in Normandy

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D-Day Battle Sites & Cemetery

A deadly battle was fought on D-Day, June 6, 1944, between allied and German forces before the German guns were silenced at

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sunset. The location of the German Battery at Longues-sur-Mer was chosen to oppose the landing of the allied forces. Today, the site is one of the best-preserved wartimesites in France, visited by thousands of people. The American Cemetery is dedicated to the thousands of American troops who lost their lives on that fateful day, one of the most moving experiences.  

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Mont St Michel

One of the world's most stunning attractions, dramatically soars into the sky off the coast of Normandy. Some of the highest tides in Europe

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swoop around the island. The homes and shops of the medieval town date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Mont St Michel is in a shallow bay, making it the ideal location for monks who were seeking solitude, and today has a monastic community. Visitors to the island are rewarded with panoramic views of the abbey and bay by climbing to the ramparts. The view from the ramparts is spectacular and the architecture dating back to the 11th-century and Gothic buildings make Mont St Michel one of Normandy's most beautiful attractions.  

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normandy tour giverny

Monet's House in Giverny

The first impression of visitors to Monet's home is the vibrant colors throughout. In the gardens lillies, dahlias, irises and hundreds of

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other flowers bloom. The painter lived here in the city of Giverny, from 1883 until 1926, which was the inspiration for his water and flower garden paintings and his use of soft pastels. Monet's studio where he worked until 1899 is on the ground floor along with the charming, blue sitting room. Get a glimpse into the artist's life in his private apartments. The dining room and kitchen have been restored to look as they did when Monet was alive, and the crockery that he ordered for special occasions still sits in the glass cabinets. An extensive collection of Japanese prints is also on display in his home.  

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One of the loveliest ports on the Seine estuary is Honfleur. The Vieux Bassin or Old Dock, is one of the most picturesque areas, with

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elegant sails boat anchored in the harbor, cobbled streets, slate-grey facades, and dozens of restaurants with outdoor terraces; perfect for people watching. For decades artists such as Monet, Courbet, Cals, Boudin, Bazille, Sisley and Jongkind have flocked to the region, which is evident in the many galleries of Honfleur. St. Catherine Church is one of the most stunning churches in France; was constructed by shipwrights entirely of timber. The church is the oldest surviving chapel in France built from wood. With identical naves, the unique ceiling of the chapel looks like overturned boats. The chapel with a classical organ is magnificent when sunlight beams through the 19th-century stained glass.  

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“O Rouen, art thou then to be my final abode!" was the agonized cry of Joan of Arc as the English dragged her out to be burned alive

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in the market square on May 30, 1431. The exact location of her pyre is marked by a concrete-and-metal cross in front of the modern Église Jeanne-d'Arc—and that eye-catching, flame-evoking church is just one of the many landmarks that make this sizable port city so fascinating. Once the capital of the duchy of Normandy, it was hit hard during World War II, but a wealth of medieval half-timber houses still line the tiny cobblestone streets of Vieux Rouen. The most famous of those streets—Rue du Gros-Horloge, between Place du Vieux-Marché (where Joan burned) and Cathédrale Notre-Dame—is suitably embellished halfway along with a massive and much photographed 14th-century horloge (clock). Of course, the glorious cathedral itself is nothing to scoff at: Claude Monet immortalized it in a memorable series of paintings. 

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normandy tour

Martainville's Castle

The charming Chateau de Martainville is a beautiful example of 16th-century architecture. The chateau is the site of the Museum

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of Norman Arts and Traditions. The interiors of the castle have been reconstructed to reflect everyday life and feature collections from the 15th through the 19th centuries of elaborate jewelry, and Norman-style furniture. The top floor of the chateau is devoted to Norman costumes. All the chateau's exhibits are categorized according to their geographic location and offer a glimpse into Norman history.  

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Deauville is a charming, seaside community with a cultural and historical heritage with many villas from the early 20th- century.

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Visitors come to the seaside resort town for the salty air, to lounge on the beach and view the sails propelled by the wind. Deauville is famous for cultural festivals, equestrian events, polo, and yachting regattas. Diverse cultural events, leisure activities, and entertainment make Deauville a resort to experience all year-round. The Casino Barriere de Deauville is the fourth largest casino in France.

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Bayeux's Tapestry

The triumphant conquest by the Duke of Normandy over England is depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry on display at the Bayeux Museum, a

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UNESCO World Heritage Site. The exquisite 70 meters wool tapestry is intricately woven and is a spectacular representation of the battle. The tapestry, commissioned near the end of the 9th-century, is one of the artifacts at the museums operated by the city of Bayeux.  

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Chateau Livet Normandy

Castle St Germain de Livet

The stunning Castle St Germain de Livet looks straight out of a fairytale, with a tower, private lake, and even a moat. The exterior

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features an interesting contrast of one 16th-century glazed stone and brick wing, with another 15th-century wing in the courtyard created from timber. Inside, the Great Gallery features priceless artworks and frescoes The castle is a perfect illustration of Norman architecture..

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Cabourg horse race

Cabourg's Horse Races

Horse racing is a famous sport in Northern France and here they do it in style. You will have a panoramic view of the races from your table 

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at a gourmet restaurant. Dinner and a horse race? How can it get more French than that? There are weekly festivals where the locals are gathering to enjoy the races. With not many tourists knowing about this great  perfect opportunity for you to understand the lifestyle of the French!

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Normandy tour camembert

French Cheese Factory

When visiting the Normandy region, a visit to a cheese factory such as E. Graindorge Cheese Dairy is a must! The "fromagerie" has

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been producing delicious Camembert -emblem of France- as well as other fabulous cheeses, Pont l'Eveque, Livarot & Neufchatel for more than three generations. A visit is a fun and informative way to see the process of making a superb product plus you will get to taste the delicious Normand cheeses!  

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normandy tour

Calvados Distillery

A special treat on a trip to Normandy is a visit to The Calvados Boulard distillery in Pays d'Auge, which is famous

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for its exceptional apple brandy. The liquid is distilled in oaken casks to give it the distinctive flavor and deep, rich color as it ages. On a trip to the distillery, you'll learn about the intricacies involved of fine liquors, calvados, and pommeau. You'll visit the cellars and stills and enjoy a tasting session. Now you are a true Normand!  

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Chateau Chantilly

Eat at the guide's house

Dinner at the Guide's home!

Visit the guide's family home in Rouen for a home cooked meal and to meet the family and friends and see how the French

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do dinner together. This is a great way to meet the locals and feel a connection with the French culture, and get an excellent meal as well!

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Fabulous Restaurants!

Part of experiencing the culture of a foreign country is being able to try the food, so we make sure you have an excellent

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culinary experience on our tours! We know what the best dishes of the country are and help you choose from the menu. Since we are not in a big group we can visit authentic restaurants with delicious food, and all your meals on this tour are included! Bon appétit!

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What's Included?

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ferme 2
hotel mercure rouen
hotel acadine

- 2 Nights Hotel Mercure, Rouen - 2 Nights Hotel Balladin, Caen - 1 Night Ferme-Château de Cordey & Spa - 1 Night Hotel Acadine, Le Neubourg - 2 Nights Peyris Hotel, Paris - 1 Night Hotel Ibis CDG, Paris

[icon name="wifi"]   WiFi
[icon name="snowflake-o"]   AC (Except Ferme-Château de Cordey)
[icon name="shower"]   Private bathroom
[icon name="houzz"]    Minimum 194 sq ft (which is spacious in France!)

- 2 Nights Hotel Mercure, Rouen
- 2 Nights Hotel Balladin, Caen
- 1 Night Ferme-Château de Cordey & Spa
- 1 Night Hotel Acadine, Le Neubourg
- 2 Nights Hotel Peyris, Paris
- 1 Night Hotel Ibis CDG, Paris

[icon name="wifi"] WiFi
[icon name="shower"] Private bathroom
[icon name="snowflake-o"]  AC (Except Ferme-Château de Cordey)
[icon name="houzz"]   Minimum 194 sq ft (which is spacious in France!)

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