Hot air balloon ride Dordogne


This add-on is only available on our Bordeaux & Dordogne tour.
You can add this option directly add booking. If you already booked your tour, you can go back in your account and add it, or send us an email and we will add it manually.

- Very complete FAQ from the hot air balloon company: HERE
- Detailed step-by-step hot air balloon journey explained: HERE


  • On the Bordeaux & Dordogne Small Group Tour
  • $280 per person (add at booking directly)
  • About 1 hour in the air
  • No experience needed
  • The balloon follows the wind, therefore the pilot cannot choose in advance the direction we will take. You might see the castles from very close but it's possible you will only see them from afar.
  • Physical Requirements: you need to be healthy. You have to be able to hold a squat position for 30 seconds and stand for 1 hour (you can hold on the railing of the balloon) and you need to be able to hop over the balloon's basket which requires being able to go up two steps, therefore being able to bend knees and lift the leg over the basket. (See picture below of the basket)
  • If you are 80 years old or older, you will need a note from your doctor saying that you are physically able to go on a hot air balloon ride
  • Replaces the visit of the Beynac's Castle
  • Can be cancelled at the last minute because of the weather (Refund will occur, no rescheduling possible)
  • You will do the end afternoon ride
  • Add this option directly at booking. We take care of setting up this experience for you and we arrange all details directly with the hot air balloon company. (If you already booked your tour, go back in your account here to add this add-on.)
Hot Air Balloon ride Dordogne
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