Author: Thomas Legalche

When you think of Provence, you think about the endless purple lavender fields. But Provence is much more than lavender fields! From the famous Renaissance structures alongside the cobblestone streets to those quaint villages overlooking hillside

Provence is the beautiful and scenic southeastern part of France. It was made famous in the United States by Peter Mayle’s book, “A Year in Provence.” It has become a favorite vacation destination for travelers to France. If you are considering a visit to Provence, be sure to check out these nine things that Provence is famous for.

The South of France is a spectacular part of this country that some overlook. It’s home to spectacular food, amazing weather and outdoor activities ranging

Avignon, major attraction in Provence The city of Avignon once played an important role in the 14th century. It’s mostly known for its bridge, the Pont d’Avignon, and it once functioned as a residence for pontiffs who made their home at the Palace of the Popes. Besides the historic significance, Avignon has much to offer….

Captivating Carcassonne Carcassonne is one of those places that looks even better than it does in photos. The hill top citadel with its pointy turrets looks like a fairy tale castle and the town and countryside that surround it are enchanting. There is a legend about how Carcassonne got its name. It’s said that when…

Experience Picasso in Provence in 2018 From 2017 to 2019 in Provence, South of France region, a special cultural event will be celebrating many of the works of Pablo Picasso. This event is known as the Picasso Mediterranean Project. The goal of this occasion is to enrich its participants on the cultural aspects of the…